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Genuinely disappointed, after being asked to stay on at work overnight at the last minute I ordered myself some food alongside our service users (a fritter cob since I am vegetarian) Why on earth I was delivered a small fish instead, that looked similar in shape to a fritter. Had I not been able to smell the fish, I would have eaten it and been extremely angry. I even had a colleague check to make sure. All would be well if this was rectified by Billy's, however on calling and explaining the above I was apologised to and advised to add to my next order and they would send for free. I advised that I needed food tonight since I was at work until 9am with no food, the response I received was very blunt - we are too busy to sort it. Well I apologise to inconvenience you by expecting the food I ordered, at the time I need it. I am also too busy to source food from anywhere else. Shocking service

Donna, 28 Nov 2020

Order on Uber eats, got a delivery time of 19:00 to 19:20, it’s is now 21:00, and still nothing

Stephen , 27 Nov 2020

Always late, not just 5 minutes either, sometimes as late as 30+minutes

Domini, 22 Nov 2020

The food came late and different that what I ordered.

Daniela, 20 Nov 2020

Why have you sent my dinner 3 hours and 45 minutes early when I booked for 18.05pm by email phone Yours David Robotham

David, 20 Nov 2020

Lovely fish and chips always yummy plus you seem to read my note about leaving delivery on the doorstep as most dont bother!

Mrs Trevatt , 18 Nov 2020

Great taste, good value and excellent customer service

John, 16 Nov 2020

Good food

Claire, 08 Nov 2020

As great as always. Taste is fantastic, again as always.

Jim, 08 Nov 2020

This is my second time ordering and the first time the food was amazing. this time im shocked as i have ordered the same food and half is not edible. The salad is all warm and soggy, i have had to recook the lamb as i asked for it well done and this was pink (i have taken photos) and the garlic bread has been cut any how (not very attractive. I am not very happy having spent £11 on food i can not eat and the bit could i have had to cook myself

Tara, 06 Nov 2020

This is my second time ordering but todays delivery is nothing like the last time i had it. Thank you for separating the items but i have had to recook the lamb as i asked for it well done and what i received was not well done in the slightest and the garlic bread has just been cut any how.

Tara, 06 Nov 2020


order cheesy chips 3 sausages and a bottle of pop ended up bottle of pop kebab meat and chips not happy st all

Peter, 04 Nov 2020


I had to phone them to see where my order was turned up twenty minutes after the hour

Peter, 04 Nov 2020

Great food quick delivery

Dwayne, 29 Oct 2020

Amazing food always ordering from here

Harleen, 27 Oct 2020

Very professional, phoned up no problem. all organized ,will use again

Jeff Cassidy, 24 Oct 2020

We ordered from here for the first time tonight as Uber eats have just come to our area! Wow! The food was excellent so fresh and tasty! The best chicken kebab we have had! The delivery was also very speedy! Will definitely be ordering from here again! Thank you!

Jade Talbott , 23 Oct 2020

Billys fish bar is always great quality, fresh food and on time. Highly recommended!

Natasha Harby, 20 Oct 2020

Food was excellent only thing was the sauces for both kebabs was missing.

Helen, 20 Oct 2020

I've been using you for many years and I've just waited 1 and a half hours for a pizza that was cold and delivered upside down with half the topping stuck to the lid and the rest was awful, the drinks were wrong. It is the worst food I have ever had from you this delivery was shamefully bad.

Chris, 19 Oct 2020

Not happy with the service expression of coming 55 minutes I’m still waiting

Gregory Peck, 14 Oct 2020

Orderd gravy payed for gravy but did not get gravy that was not nice to do

Michael, 09 Oct 2020

Not nice food to eat and it was cold

Michael, 06 Oct 2020

fantastic food

Maria, 02 Oct 2020


Daz, 24 Sep 2020


Sandra, 10 Aug 2020